Phase Manager

Dynamic Phase maps and situation plans for Infrastructure projects – linked with the schedule.

Benefits of Phase Manager:

Phase manager is easy to use, it allows to quickly update your phase maps when changes occur. There is no need to redraw everything.
The output produced is of high quality – without the user needs to have special knowledge of CAD systems or graphics programs.
The phases are linked to the schedule. This means that the data is precisely assigned in the phases. There are no more errors due to manual translation of the timetable into the construction phase plan.
Phase Manager creates very professional output on a 2D plan that everyone understands and that is available in every project. This allows to easily communicate the phases and situations of the project to all involved stakeholders.

Phase Manager allows you to follow the linear work to see exactly where you are working on the job site. An ideal solution for railway construction, road construction earthworks and other projects with geographic expansion.

The employees of the manufacturer Projet Linéaire have been specializing for many years in the planning and coordination of infrastructure construction sites. Phase Manager has been and is being developed in collaboration with users. The requirements of the target group thus end up in the product. Also in the future.

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Phasemanager emerged from the realization that there is often no direct connection between the scheduling on the one hand and the presentation of construction phases and activities on the site plan on the other hand.

Nevertheless, construction phase maps are an essential communication medium in all phases of a project and essential for the presentation of the schedule or the actual state of work.

For a variety of projects, these plans are therefore created in manual work with complex CAD systems, presentation programs or simply on the copier with highlighters. However, all of these methods are born out of necessity and in each case unsuitable for the task:

  • There is no automated connection to the schedule
  • The CAD-staff s not allways available
  • On each change you have to begin from scratch

With Phase Manager there is now a system available that comes from practice. The Scheduler can create phase maps even without deeper knowledge of a CAD system. No elaborate 3D modeling is needed, but the basis is the existing 2D plan and scheduling data.

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Create Tile-Location-Charts fast and easy from your existing schedule.

Benefits of TurboChart:

Learn TurboChart in hours instead of tediously working for days on sophisticated planning systems.

Generate Time-Location-Diagrams in minutes and update them in seconds.

By focusing on the essential rather than focusing on complexity also a complex user interface was avoided. TurboChart helps you with your job with ease: It generates Linear Schedules (Time-Location-diagrams) from your existing Gantt chart schedule.

Continue to work on your schedule with your preferred planning system. You do not need to learn another scheduling program.

Primavera P6 and Microsoft project files can be read directly. Schedules from other systems can be imported via spreadsheets.

TurboChart was designed exclusively for the generation of Time-Location-Diagrams from existing schedules.

Do not pay for features you do not need or use.

Generate your Linear Schedule in 4 Steps:

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TurboChart is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly generate Time-Location-Charts from existing schedules. In the interest of simplicity, it does not come with an own scheduling engine. You can continue to schedule in the system that works best for you. Instead, TurboChart focuses on the rapid representation of the schedule in the Time-Location-Chart. Learn the program within a few hours and generate and update Time-Location-Charts from your project planning within minutes.

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You may download a 14-days-Trial-version. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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